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Benefits of Bamboo Knitting Needles & Hooks

  • Bamboo needles are very quiet so when you are in a public place they don't attract any unnecessary attention while you are knitting - metal needles make quite a loud clicking sound.
  • Bamboo needles are very lightweight so don't strain your wrist or hands unlike some metal needles.
  • The slightly rough surface adds mild friction when knitting so you work fractionally more precisely and slowly.
  • Stitches stay on the needle much easier and are less likely to slip off - this is good for beginners, or advanced knitters working on complex patterns, as you can so easily lose stitches from the more slippery metal type of needle.
  • They feel warm in your hands, so are very beneficial for arthritic users.
  • People with sports injuries, repetitive strain injury and the elderly will also find them easier to manoeuvre, but every age group will love the easy way they fit into your palm.
  • They will develop a beautiful patina over time and will go on to become family heirlooms!

One Pair Just Isn't Enough

A common misconception is that you'll only need one pair of needles in each size. The truth is, you can never have too many duplicate sets of needles. Not only do needles have a habit of disappearing, but they also like to stay in unfinished projects. How many times have you found that?

If you like to work on more than one project at a time, or if you like the freedom of being able to sort through your stash and begin a project at 1am, you'll need lots of available needles!!

Inox Knitting Needles
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