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Lion Cushion / Picture / Hanging

Beth Russell Lion Cushion / Picture / Hanging Needlepoint

Lion Cushion / Picture / Hanging

The original William Morris tapestry was designed for his patron Alexander Ionides. Completed in 1887, it measured 15ft (4.5m) wide.

Morris delegated the drawing of the animals to the architect Philip Webb and the foreground millefleurs to his eventual successor Henry Dearle. The result is a tribute to their lifelong friendship and various talents. It is interesting to compare the Greenery tapestry designed later entirely by Henry Dearle.
The original Forest is owned by the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The kit's de luxe canvas from Zweigart is the best available. Strong and polished, it is most pleasurable to stitch, will not fluff the wool and will also withstand the rigours of stretching and long wear. The printing is the best in the world, done from the stitched piece and the clarity and colours are quite outstanding.

Beth Russell writes the detailed instructions herself with the intention of making the stitching of each kit as simple and enjoyable as possible.

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Stitch: Tent

Size 17" x 23" (43cm x 58.5cm)

This beautiful needlepoint kit contains 14 count printed Zweigart de luxe canvas Appleton wool.
Full instructions, needle and calico cotton tidy bag are also included.

Beth Russell Lion Cushion / Picture / Hanging

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