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Adriafil Baba

Baba - 100% Wool

A lovely thick yarn made from 100% pure virgin wool with light and dark effects.

Baba's irregular weave is the beauty of this yarn and the reason for it's great success.

With big needles you'll have your projects knitted in no time.

Free Fashion Sweater Pattern

Fibre: 100% Pure Virgin Wool
Size: 100gm
Needle Size: 9mm - 10mm (Needles here..)
Length: 60 meters - 65 yards approx

Colours in Adriafil Baba

All prices include VAT at 15% - VAT is deductible for Overseas orders

The approximate US$ price is $9.94 for deliveries outside the EU

061 - Orange Green Pink-4 left-mixed 061 - Orange Green Pink-4 left-mixed £5.87

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065 - Sorry, None Left 065 - Sorry, None Left £5.87

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089 - Multicolour Reds-3 left 089 - Multicolour Reds-3 left £5.87

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