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Adriafil Van Gogh

Van Gogh - Cotton Mix

Stunning cotton mix yarn which knits up beautifully into a springy and textured fabric. The yarn is twisted with a contrasting shiny fibre and also has short threads sticking out intermittently to produce a lightly textured garment.

These cotton acrylic yarns come in a selection or eight summery colours to suit everyones wardrobes.

Fibre: 34% Cotton, 33% Acrylic, 24% Nylon, 9% Polyester
Size: 50gm
Needle Size: 5.50mm (Needles here..)
Length: 90m

Colours in Adriafil Van Gogh

All prices include VAT at 15% - VAT is deductible for Overseas orders

The approximate US$ price is $4.89 for deliveries outside the EU

81 - Brown-5 left 81 - Brown-5 left £2.89

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84 - Light Blue-2 left 84 - Light Blue-2 left £2.89

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86 - Brick-34 left 86 - Brick-34 left £2.89

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87 - Rope - 4 left 87 - Rope - 4 left £2.89

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